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What are the roles of a heavy duty pallet racking?

2021-09-07 11:39
Today, more and more companies are buying bulk pallet racks. What are the uses of heavy pallet racks? What are heavy duty pallet racking ’s advantages? Do we need to buy tested heavy pallet racks?


  • Uses of heavy duty pallet racking

  • What are the advantages of heavy pallet racking?

  • Why test heavy pallet racks?

  • Assembly of heavy pallet racks


Uses of heavy duty pallet racking


1.Heavy-duty pallet racks are adaptable, versatile, and durable, and are often used in industrial warehousing, warehousing applications, and retail stores even under the heaviest loads. The open design makes inventory inspection and item retrieval easier than ever, and for long-term storage of high-density bulk inventory pallet racks, you can choose one of the best industrial shelves.


2. Retail storage: If you run a retail business and find that your inventory exceeds the available space, then heavy duty pallet racking are the answer you need. Use a pallet rack to turn your sales floor into an extra storage room by putting saleable inventory at the bottom and stacking excess goods and pallets at the top to make room and make the product easy to use. This method is especially useful for perishable goods because the design of pallet racks allows you to create a first-in-first-out system to keep inventory fresh and safe.


3. Warehouse warehousing: Heavy duty pallet racking are an easy way to easily expand warehouse storage capabilities with very little expense. The design of pallet racks allows you to place them around the warehouse where they are most needed, creating a better workflow and redesigning your floor plans. Create aisles of shelves for easy forklift operation and better define your space with the help of pallet racks.


4. Manufacturing storage: Pallet racks are suitable for many types of industries due to their convenience and capacity, improving productivity and functionality in the workplace. The pallet rack's weight support can handle bulk items and materials, outbound shipments, and even heavy machinery to ensure they are safe and not out of the way when not in use. Use pallet racks to line up the walls to keep the production floor open, to make the journey safer and easier to use the equipment, while retaining the resources needed by employees at any time.


What are the advantages of heavy pallet racking?


1.The benefits are clear-better inventory management, lower order costs and easier bulk cargo transportation. However, all of these items need to be placed somewhere, and more and more businesses are using heavy duty pallet racking to address their heavy storage needs. From increased capacity to warehouses to innovative store displays for bulk retailers, heavy pallet racking is a versatile and durable way to store bulk goods in an easy-to-access manner, allowing you to load and unload large quantities of stock faster than ever.


2. The rugged design of heavy pallet racks means they can handle the heaviest loads and the hardest work, with capacities ranging from 1,800 pounds to 12,600 pounds per floor. Consists of two welded upright frames with connecting beams on each side to provide strength, reliability and ease of assembly-all you need is a metal hammer and a helping hand! Most importantly, beams can be readjusted after assembly to meet the changing needs of your business.


3. Heavy-duty pallet racks can store multiple pallets at high density on multiple levels, providing maximum storage capacity at an affordable cost. Compatible with heavy equipment such as pallet trucks, forklifts and cherry pickers, pallet racks allow you to utilize all available space in your storefront or warehouse. Available with solid steel flooring or optional wire pallet shelves for convenience and durability to meet any storage needs.


Why test heavy pallet racks?


1.Both the components and materials of heavy pallet racks must be tested; first, determine their strength and elasticity, and second, determine their tensile strength and ductility, or bending capacity. These processes comply with international standards that outline the parameters that must be considered regarding product quality and safety.


2. Security: Requirements for materials submitted in calculations, tests and tests, as well as inspections of manufacturing and assembly, can better protect facilities, cargo, and especially workers in warehouses.


3. Standardization: Achieving internationally recognized standards constitutes a good assessment of equipment and companies, especially when dealing with insurance companies and claiming responsibility for health and safety in the workplace.


4. Guarantee: In all EU countries, products that strictly comply with safety regulations have won great trust from consumers.


Assembly of heavy pallet racks


Despite being super heavy, heavy pallet racking is actually very simple. The post frames are welded together, so all you have to do is insert a load-bearing bolt from the stepped beam into the drop-shaped groove of the post. Apply pressure downwards and the beam will lock in the channel. Rest assured that the three-point contact system is one of the most powerful systems in the industry. If you need to reposition the shelves, the process is equally simple. Just grab the rubber mallet, then release the locked stud (tap the stepped beam upwards), and then pop it out of the teardrop hole. Industrial pallet shelves are customizable and expandable, so they will change with your business needs.


No matter what product you sell or how you make it, heavy pallet racking is a versatile, convenient way to increase your company ’s storage capacity. If you are looking for a supplier of heavy duty pallet racking that can provide you with high quality products at reasonable prices, Jiangsu NOVA Intelligent Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. will be a wise choice.

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