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Storage cage in the use of the need to pay attention to matters

2019-02-21 09:15

Warehouse cage for the production of goods, storage and transportation, often in very harsh conditions for many times handling, to ensure that the goods and packaging can be handled in the turnover of maximum integrity, reduce losses, at the same time can reduce the turnover of the trouble of changing packaging, direct use of mechanical handling, improve the speed of logistics.Warehouse cage can provide good packaging for some large items, directly reduce the cost of storage and transportation for enterprises and reduce the damage of items.At the same time, the service life of the storage cage and reusable greatly reduce the cost of enterprise packaging (compared with traditional packaging).

1. The warehouse cage is put into use

Using a folding warehouse cage, must have two operation, the process is: two people standing on both sides of warehouse cage, before the first net up, then connected the side mesh and mesh surface, insert two side mesh reverse warehouse cage base, at the same time pay attention to the cohesion and former mesh, finally anchored mesh door before inserting the side mesh.

4 corners of the warehouse cage should be flat and symmetrical. If any irregularity is found, please do not use the cage. Please check whether the screen and door bolt are inserted in place, otherwise careless use will lead to accident.

2, put things

Goods can be placed by opening the door bolt of the warehouse cage and lowering the upper folding door, but the size and weight of the stored goods depend on the specifications of the warehouse cage (steel wire thickness, u-shaped groove thickness of the bottom plate and grid density) under the condition of a certain size of the warehouse cage.

Some objects that cannot be damaged or scratched on the surface (such as some plastic parts, sheet metal parts after surface coating, etc.) can also be stored in a warehouse cage. However, a universal board or cardboard shall be added to the inner wall of the warehouse cage to protect the objects from damage.

When placing items in the warehouse cage, considering the size of the foot of the warehouse cage above when stacking, the optimal height for storage should be 3cm lower than the edge of the warehouse cage. It is strictly prohibited to store items higher than the edge of the warehouse cage, otherwise the forklift will damage the items in the warehouse cage below when handling the warehouse cage.

3, warehouse cage handling

The storage cage must be carried by handling machinery. The machines that can carry the storage cage include forklifts (including balanced weight and forward-moving forklifts), hydraulic pallet trucks, storage cage pallets, battery tractors, etc.In order to improve the efficiency of handling, handling can be two warehouse cage stacking together handling, but in this way handling must pay attention to the bearing of handling machinery, and turning speed.Stacking three or more cages together is absolutely forbidden because it is too dangerous.

4. Storage cage stacking

Before stacking, it is necessary to check whether the door bolt of the front mesh is inserted in place. When a warehouse cage is stacked on another warehouse cage, it is necessary to make the four corners of the above warehouse cage sit on the upper end of the side mesh of the below warehouse cage. Otherwise, it is necessary to stack again.The number of storehouse cage stacking layers shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the sample instructions of four or three layers, and the bearing capacity of the site shall be paid attention to when stacking.

In the stacking state of the warehouse cage, you can take the goods stored in any layer of the warehouse cage at any time. As long as you open the upper part of the net in front of the warehouse cage, you can take them.

5, empty warehouse cage storage

Empty warehouse storage cage folding folding way for the development process of the reverse operation, after folding warehouse cage can stacking haulms, must pay attention to the fold after stacking warehouse storage cage should be positive and negative relative placement, not 90 ° cross placed, stacking height is not more than 1.2 M, with iron straps packaging, to increase the safety of the deposit.

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