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Stacking Racks

2021-09-24 09:56

Qiao solid frame is also known as stacking frame, uniform specifications, fixed capacity, storage goods at a glance, easy to count the warehouse, shelves can be stacked high, three-dimensional storage, it is easy to form three-dimensional storage capacity, without the use of shelves and other equipment. Suitable for areas not suitable for investment warehouse such as rental warehouse, low old warehouse or workshop temporary storage area.


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Ring warehouse warehouse cage manufacturers take you to understand the structural characteristics of the clever fixed frame:


Artful fixed frame can carry on high to heavy object stack, multilayer keep. Can be arranged at will, easy to move. Adopt stack storage design, save space. Using a special method, 82 percent of the orbitals are overlapped on 90 percent. The load borne by the two rails can be equally distributed over the four columns. The bigger the load, the more stable it is, the better it is for shaking, such as earthquakes. All welded processing, durability is almost sexual.

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The advantages of clever fixing frame:


1, unified specifications, fixed capacity, storage at a glance easy inventory.

2, can stack each other, forming three-dimensional storage capacity.

3, can be used with the tray.

4, empty frame can be inserted into each other (fixed) or disassembled (removable) storage, save space.

5, the heavy objects stacked high, multilayer storage.

6, can be arranged at will, easy to move.

Smart fixing frame is divided into: inverted smart fixing frame and stacking frame (smart fixing frame)


Qiao fixed frame is an independent unit set up into space management logistics equipment, with forklift set up and removed, easy to use,


It is suitable for temporary storage area management of workshop and warehouse, and can also be used for logistics operation mode with both storage and distribution functions.


In other storage products, the warehouse storage cage is also equipped with the stacking characteristics of skillful fixed frame.

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