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Automated storage shelf leader for shuttle racks (shuttle racks)

2020-06-19 10:40

Our company has experienced numerous exchanges with relevant customers and accumulated a lot of experience. Continuous improvement and innovation ensure the safety, operation stability and accuracy of the shelf system.Our shuttle shelf storage system tends to be perfect and humanized


The main materials of shuttle racking are made of high quality profiles from Shanghai Baosteel and domestic large steel mills. The main parts of shuttle racking are made of well-known imported parts, which guarantee the quality and stability of the racking system.Reasonable planning and many functions of shuttle make the whole storage system have high operating efficiency.The shuttle car battery is environmentally-friendly and durable maintenance-free manganese battery, which has a long life, light weight and is easy to handle and replace.


The surface of the shuttle shelf is sprayed with the world-famous dupont powder, which has the advantages of anti-rust, anti-corrosion, non-toxic and pollution-free, which is environmentally friendly and extends the service life of the shelf.Shuttle car wheels material choose wear-resisting polyurethane material, prolong the service life, and reduced the running noise, galvanized seams of orbit without welding, connection with the carriage bolt and joints, the error is less than 3 mm, ensures the level of the guide rail, wear-resisting polyurethane and smooth track, make this set of storage system running noise is very small.The shuttle allows the tray to be deformed to a maximum of 45mm.The surface of the shelf is sprayed with plastic and smooth, the curve design of the shuttle car is perfect, the whole looks, the appearance of the entire shelf system is beautiful, improving the overall image of the enterprise.The main material of the shelves is designed reasonably, no matter the weight or size, it is convenient for transportation, and the shelves are connected by bolts and hanging teeth, which is convenient for site installation and later maintenance.


To sum up, this set of shuttle racking system is reliable in quality, stable and safe in operation, high in efficiency, convenient in operation and maintenance, low in maintenance cost, long in service life, low in noise, free from environmental pollution, perfect in appearance and easy to transport and install.


Basic functions of shuttle trolley


The single automatic inventory function automatically exits in case of obstacles


Continuous automatic inventory function automatic car search function


Single automatic pick up function: power shortage prompt function


Continuous automatic pick-up function the remaining power query function


Specified quantity automatic pick up function Low power automatic protection function


One button on the front and rear of the car to adjust the emergency rescue function


Manual advance and retreat, lift, etc

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