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Board Trolley

window glass storage racks/a frame for glass transport/flat glass transport racks

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carbon steel


Welding method

Secondary arc welding


surface treatment

Powder Coating


Caster material

Swivel Casters with brakes


Spray plastic


Proudct Feature
1.This product is suitable for small batch and high frequency turnover transportation of various materials and sheet sizes;
roll out racks
roll out racks
2.The product has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight and low price;
3.The base of this product adopts triangle structure, which has stability;
roll out racks
roll out racks
4.The Swivels casters with brakes are set under the base of the product, which are flexible and convenient to use;
5.The rotating arm can be rotated to be parallel to the ground, which is convenient to push the plate material into the working platform;
roll out racks
roll out racks
6.Both sides of the rotating arm are provided with pulley blocks, so that the material can be easily pushed and the surface of the material can be avoided to scratch;
7. The use of the product can be carried out independently by one person, without the assistance of others. 
roll out racks

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